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Anti-Coronavirus additive added to Primex Plastics range

***New product launch for Anti-Viral additive.***

We’ve now had our official testing back which has proven that our Anti-Viral range of Plastic sheets have efficacy against both viruses and bacteria: - Coronavirus (feline Munich strain*), with a 78.62% reduction within 2 hours -MRSA, with over 99% reduction** -E-Coli with over 99% reduction**

These results are incredibly exciting and with countries all across Europe, and the world, beginning to adapt to the pandemic and return to normal life, these products not only can be used as physical barriers to enable social distancing, but by actually being proven to reduce viruses and bacteria offer a unique solution and further confidence in preventing the spread of the virus. With the WHO advising these practices will be around for a long time, this product offers a long term solution for plastic barriers.

Additionally, this patented additive can be added to our semi-clear Polypropylene, therefore allowing the additive to also be used in see-through barriers too.

The additive has no effect on thermoforming ability and can be added to all Polyolefins (HDPE, PP, LDPE and any other modified versions). Speak with Tom Birkett ( to receive the data sheets for Prime 2000 Anti-Viral and Prime 3000 Anti-Viral.

(*The feline Munich strain is the closest, testable coronavirus available to Covid-19. Testing done according to ISO 21702:2019)

(**MRSA and E-Coli testing done according to ISO 22196:2019)

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