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A week of celebrations

Primex Plastics has been pleased to share in the joy of two events recently. Firstly, Tim Wilson was awarded a small token of appreciation when he reached 10 Years of Service with Primex.

This 10 years tenure at Primex is actually the longest stint of his career at any particular business, and within that time Tim has helped promote a lot of improvements at Primex in his role as Technical Manager.

Congratulations again Tim.

Also, today we were all excited to wish Frances a happy 65th birthday. Frances has been with Primex since the very start, joining in June 1998. Within the multitude of roles which Frances has performed over the years, she has seen Primex change drastically and been a key member of the team during that time. Much loved by everyone at Primex, we all wish her the very happiest of days.


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