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About Primex Plastics - PP and HDPE Sheet Extrusion

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Primex Plastics Limited is one the largest extruders of custom polyolefin sheet and roll stock in Europe, and is subsidiary to Primex Plastics Corporation. Here at Primex Plastics Limited we have allied ourselves with the world's leading resin producers, meaning from the start we begin the extrusion process with prime quality virgin resins. However, we also offer the opportunity to use recycled grades from internal and customer-generated regrind, on request.​


We extrude a number of Polyolefins: Polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE), Polypropylene (PP), as well as our TPO, “Tuff-X”, all of which can be produced in gauges of 0.5mm to 12 mm and in widths up to 2400 mm. Polyolefins, as the name suggests are derivatives from oil and offer their own unique properties compared to other types of plastics.

Our materials are available in a range of surface textures, colours and manufactured specifically to our customer's requirements. These can be thermoformed into a variety of end use products such as reusable material handling trays, boxes and bins, children's outdoor toys, parts for the automotive industry and recreational vehicles, portable toilets, and many more.​


We are part of the broader Primex group, which started with three machines in 1965 and has grown into a multi-faceted, $600 million operation that now houses more than 130 extrusion lines in facilities across the world.  With a myriad of resources at our disposal, we are committed to help our customers succeed. ​


The group has expanded into three strands:


  • Primex Plastics: Garfield, NJ (1965); Richmond, Indiana (1980); Oakwood, Georgia (1981); Mesquite, Nevada (1991); Reedsburg, Wisconsin (1997); Durham, England (1998)

  • Primex Design and Fabrication: Richmond, Indiana (1987)

  • Primex Colour, Compounding and additives: Garfield, New Jersey (1988); Jasper, Tennessee (1992)


Meaning that we’re here for you from product inception to full scale production.

We are committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. The Primex name means quality in the products we produce and in the service we provide.


Primex Plastics Limited operates a quality system in accordance with BS EN ISO9001:2015.


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