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Primex Plastics Promise - Plastic Sheet Extrusion

Primex Plastics Limited, along with our affiliate companies, is committed to sustainable practices that are ethical, responsible, and create value for customers, employees and future generations.

This focus incorporates more than the standard three R’s of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  It has been expanded by our organisation to address a fourth “R” – Replace.  Each facility maintains its individual identity, allowing for implementation of programs that are best suited to its unique operations, community and customer base.

Reduction includes practices that decrease waste and excess in manufacturing and in finished product, coordination of shipments and back hauls, energy audits, employee education and more.


Reuse of packaging is prevalent at each of the facilities. Employees are recognised for their creative savings ideas and unique programs are being developed to recapture manufacturing by-products such as heating or cooling.


Recycling diverts hundreds of millions of pounds annually from the waste stream. In addition to internal reclaim programs many customers are assisted in their reclamation goals. Recycling goes far beyond resins to capture office paper, aluminum, plastic containers, pallets and cardboard. Anything that can be recycled will be.

Replacement looks at alternatives that are more sustainable or enhance efficiencies through polymer engineering, renewable resources, biobased materials or design improvements.


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