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Thermo-plastic sheet extrusion

Here at Primex Plastic Limited we are experts within sheet extrusion, which has allowed us to become one of the largest thermoplastic sheet extruders within Europe. We supply to both thermoforming and distribution markets, in the UK and EU markets. We have 6 lines producing HDPE, LDPE, PP and Tuff-x plastic sheet.  Primex Plastic Limited has the capacity for 16,000 tonnes annually, and have the ability to offer co-extrusion on three of these.

The principles behind extrusion and calendaring is turning raw pellets of plastics into extruded sheet or roll stock. The extrusion step of the process is first, where we put our premium grade pellets into the hopper, adjusting the makeup of every production in order to make sure what we produce is bespoke made to your requirements. Furthermore, we offer the ability to modify the plastic sheets to your needs, including Flame Retardant or Anti-Static properties; and can even engineer a special material to your requirements, subject to MOQ.


These pellets are then processed by the extruder, through the die, and through the calendaring process in order to perfect the gauge and form the sheet. The calendaring process slowly cools the sheet until it is finished by either cutting to the desired size sheets, or forming into roll stock.

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