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Primex Plastics Limited is one the largest extruders of custom polyolefin sheet (HDPE and PP) and roll stock in Europe, and is a subsidiary to Primex Plastics Corporation, the second largest custom thermoplastic sheet extruder in the United States of America.


We extrude a number of Polyolefins: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, as well as our TPO, “Super Tuff-X”, all of which can be produced in gauges between 0.5mm to 12 mm and in sheet widths up to 2400 mm. Polyolefins are derivatives from oil and offer their own unique properties compared to other types of plastics.

Our HDPE, PP, LDPE and Tuff-X materials are available in a range of surface textures and colours, manufactured specifically to our customer's requirements. These can be thermoformed into a variety of end-use products such as reusable material handling trays, boxes and bins, children's outdoor toys, parts for the automotive industry and recreational vehicles, portable toilets, and many more.

Primex produces sheet from high density and high molecular weight PE’s for use in automotive, leisure, food, medical and general thermoforming and fabrication markets. 

Primex Plastics is proud to introduce our newest family of materials, Prime Tuff-X.  These products exhibit exceptional toughness and durability.  These products also offer very little thermal expansion.  This rare combination of durability and low thermal expansion makes them the ideal choice for fiberglass replacement applications.

Primex produces sheet from copolymer polypropylene for use in automotive, leisure, food, medical and general thermoforming and fabrication markets.

PRIME 5000 is a low density polyethylene designed for general thermoforming applications requiring a soft and flexible material.

Our textures can be applied to all of our our products and include Roebuck, Quartz, Pinseal, Haircell and Heavy Leather.

You can choose to have each surface a different texture; for example a Pinseal texture on the A surface and a Roebuck texture on the  B surface.

Products - HDPE and PP Plastic Sheet Extrusion