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Brexit: the final countdown

With just months to go until Britain severs its ties with the European Union, Primex attended two Brexit conferences this week in it's continuing preparation for the leave date on the 29th of March 2019.

Firstly, the North East Chamber of Commerce, which Primex has been a part of for many years, held it's latest meeting to discuss views from businesses within the area and share on their experiences in preparing for the departure. Various businesses in the local community were represented and it was great to hear them share their ideas and plans; especially as these reflected those which Primex have begun to put into place. It was also interesting to see the results from the survey carried out in the North East to get a grasp on the views of all the businesses within the area. The survey, unsurprisingly, showed that Brexit will impact the majority of businesses in the area; Just 14% of businesses in the North East were not expecting to see a change following the Leave. The survey flagged up that most businesses were concerned with the effects it will have on regulations for exporting, an issue Primex are taking very seriously in order to continue our continually growing export into Europe. It was productive to share openly about the experience we had all had with applying to be an AEO - Authorised Economic Operator. For more information on what this is and how we're planning on using it to facilitate our exporting, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Later that week, Primex attended another meeting which looked specifically at how Brexit is going to affect the British Plastic Industry.

As a multi-billion pound industry in the UK, which imports and exports hundreds of thousands of tonnes, the whole industry is keenly waiting to see the effects which Brexit will bring.

Despite the meeting starting with the Italian-job analogy of Brexit, in which for many the supposed-protest vote was only meant "to blow the bl**dy doors off", the meeting was a confidence builder for Primex. The meeting saw various points surrounding Brexit discussed, shedding new light on most of a broad variety of issues. It also offered a great opportunity to discuss openly with other British plastic producers and get a grasp of how they're preparing the upcoming deadline.

To hear more tangibly on how Primex are preparing for March 29th, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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