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Primex meet with Brexit Secretary

On Tuesday, Primex sent down a representative to Westminster to be involved in two small meetings to discuss our thoughts on the upcoming Brexit vote. As a key exporting company within the North East of England, Primex were invited to discuss our thoughts and comments on Brexit with the British Chamber of Commerce and also directly with Sir Keir Starmer, Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary.

The first meeting on the agenda was with the British Chamber of Commerce ( Primex sat in the meeting with other businesses from across the country to receive an update on the latest Brexit news. The BCC hold regular discussions with the Government to pass on concerns and thoughts from across the UK industry, so it's vital for businesses like Primex to pass on our thoughts to provide the Government with a real-life understanding of implications which result from their political decisions. Furthermore, regularly speaking with members of the organisation always helps Primex to get up-to-date information on the current situation, as well as sharing with other businesses who also are implementing their own Brexit Strategies.

The second meeting of the day was with Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer in Portcullis House in

Westminster. Primex was invited through their work with the local North-East Chamber of Commerce to attend a small, personal meeting with the Labour leadership to discuss our insights into Brexit and how it may affect British industry, specifically within the Plastics Industry.

The meeting was extremely productive and our discussion will be used in policy discussions between the Government and Labour opposition; as well as gaining inside knowledge on discussions in Westminster.

Primex really appreciated being invited to this meeting and feel like we were able to contribute valuable thoughts and ideas to the shadow Brexit Secretary.

Primex are continually investing in our Post-Brexit business strategy and meetings like this only help develop our insight into the process. To find out more about how Primex are planning ahead then please view our latest Brexit Statement which can be found on our publications area of the website:

Alternatively please get in contact directly with either Alan Pollitt (General Manager) or Tom Birkett (Sales Executive)

(find their details via

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