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New product launch at Primex!

Primex are happy to announce the launch of its new product:

Prime Eco-X

Rather than its fossil-based alternative, Prime Eco-X is a sustainably-grown High Density Polyethylene. Originating from Sugar Cane, Prime Eco-X is a "Green" option for our customers, and as it is chemically identical to fossil-based HDPE, it is a "drop-in" solution to the current supply chain.

"Same process; same properties"

Carbon Neutral supply

One of the main benefits to the environment through using Prime Eco-X, is it actually reduces Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. As the source is Sugar Cane, due to the photosythesis occuring during growth, the net reduction of carbon massively outweighs the carbon produced during processing the Sugar Cane into Polyethylene.

Thus, by the end of the entire supply chain (including extrusion, transport and thermoforming), Prime Eco-X more often than not, results in a Carbon Neutral supply chain.

For further information and to find the data sheet, please check out: Or get in touch with one of the team for a personalised carbon-neutral supply chain solution.

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