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Continued reduction of Carbon Footprint

Over the past few years Primex have been working hard behind the scenes to reduce our carbon impact. In a previous blog post, we highlighted that from 2012-2019, Primex's Carbon Dioxide emissions have reduced by 57%, after having invested in the plant by converting all our lines from DC to AC drives, as well as instigating several other practices to improve our energy efficiency. Primex are again proud to announce that our Carbon footprint is continuing to reduce even further, and is now one of the Key Performance Indicators measured in our annual report. From 2021 to 2022, Primex reduced its Carbon Dioxide emissions by 10.9%

This is a fantastic reduction, resulting from the hard work which has gone into this project, and highlights that with a concerted effort businesses can successfully reduce their impact on the environment.

It coincides with other projects that Primex are working on, which put us at the forefront of plastics industry for sustainable and environmentally friendly thinking. Read about these other projects here: Introduction of Prime Eco-X - a sustainable sourced polyolefin: Commitment to Operation Cleansweep: and changing to 100% Green Sustainable source energy:

To learn more about these reductions, or to ask for some tips on how your business can reduce it's CO2 levels, get in contact with us!


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