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Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No - it's Barry Wedgwood!

After waiting until it was safe under government guidelines, Barry Wedgwood, Production Manager at Primex and Max Coates' biggest fan, was finally able to redeem his 60th birthday present.

Primex and Barry’s family combined to pay for Barry to have a full track day being coached by Max Coates, our sponsored racing driver!

With some coaching from Max, Barry was quickly able to hit some serious speeds around the local Croft circuit, as can be seen in the video! So if Max changes his mind on racing the next season - we know who will be throwing their hat into the ring!

Also, later in the day, new members to the Primex team since our last media day/passenger laps, Amy McAllister and Andy Noble were able to join in the fun of the day and take some passenger laps.

We are all looking forward to the new season, in which Max will be racing again in the Mini Challenge. If any of our friends, family, customers and suppliers want to travel to any of the race meets this year, please get in contact with Primex to discuss.


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