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Primex officially launch Prime Eco-X at the 12th European Thermoforming Conference

After a 2 year delay due to the pandemic, the Conference which took place in Vienna had over 200 attendees from across the world. Key players within the plastics industry, including many of our customers were able to visit the Conference to get updates on the market and learn about the developments being seen by other plastic manufacturers. The conference covered a variety of topics and developments, from speakers across 2 days. Hopefully with the knowledge shared, the industry can work together to a Greener future.

Primex were proud to be a sponsor of the event, and were given time to present on a topic of our choice. Given the over-arching theme for the conference - "Thermoforming for a Green Future", we officially introduced the Prime Eco-X family to the market.

This product line offers customers the possibility for a Carbon Neutral supply chain, using either a Direct-Source option, or Mass Balance option. The Mass Balance option allows for both Polyethylene and Polypropylene to carry a carbon negative footprint through the supply chain; whereas currently Direct-Source feedstock, which comes from Sugarcane, is available in PE only.

Working with our partners across the industry, we have put together a detailed calculator which can work out your individual carbon footprint and what options are available to you to offer a carbon neutral supply chain, whilst also being an affordable option to you and your customers. To find out more, and have a personalised calculation, please get in touch with Tom Birkett via email:


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