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Three Cheers for Our Long-Serving Employees! Celebrating 25, 20, and 10 Years of Service

Recently, we have been proud to honour three of our employees who have all achieved huge milestones with Primex.

Firstly, Barry Wedgwood who joined Primex when it first opened, has celebrated 25 years of working here. Barry is invaluable team member, and has fuelled a lot of the growth and improvements seen at Primex over the years.

Over her 20 years of Service, helping with many of our customers and now heading up logistics, Liz is another invaluable member of the team. Here's to another 20??

Last but by no means least, Mark Horsman has celebrated 10 years of Service with Primex, during which he has been witness and assistant to a lot of change over this time. Mark - thank you again for your hard work!


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