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A Toast to Our Team

Primex continue to celebrate the longevity of some of the team members, and also a 40th birthday too!

We are proud to announce that we have recently celebrated three significant service milestones at our company. Two of our employees have reached the remarkable milestone of 20 years of service, and one employee has reached 10 years of service.

As shown in previous blogs, Primex is no stranger to these long standing service awards and we are incredibly proud to have fostered a work space which retains its talent for many years.

Firstly, David Ivey, one of our knowledgeable and hard working Assistant Team Leaders celebrated 10 years of working with Primex. During this time, David he has been witness and assistant to a lot of change and development at Primex. David - thank you again for your hard work!

Also, Phil Black, a well known and loved member of the team celebrates a fantastic 20 years at Primex. Not sure he would want to do another 20 years, we hope he continues with us for as long as possible!

Our European Division General Manager, Alan Pollitt, has also now been with Primex for 20 years, and a great deal of the success of Primex today is down to Alan's hard work and leadership. So, it was enjoyed by all staff at Primex to wish him congratulations on his tenure.

Lastly, Tim Pike, Maintenance Manager finished the celebrations with his 40th Birthday. We hope you enjoyed the cake, and can put the B&Q vouchers to good use on your house renovation project!