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Primex receives Paul Howell MP

Yesterday, Paul Howell, the MP for Sedgefield, visited Primex to meet with Alan Pollitt, General Manager of Primex European Division. Following the announcement of the Governments support package for energy bills, Primex matched the £400 payment to all employees to help them pay their rapidly increasing bills. This payment was of course subject to taxation and National Insurance contributions, so Alan reached out to Mr Howell in order to apply some pressure to the Government to review their policy on these types of payments. Mr Howell, who works closely with the Chancellor, advised they would consider these comments.

Whilst at Primex, Mr Howell was given a tour of the factory, and was given a brief presentation on how Primex operates, the markets we work in and the challenges which issues such as Brexit, and rising costs across the market poses to most industries. Although we are proud that we have worked hard to handle these challenges and are well positioned for the short and medium term future; it is pivotal for MPs to see first hand these obstacles to trade, in order to enact political changes which can only further aid Primex, and other UK businesses.


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