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Winners - Export Business of the Year

We are extremely proud to announce that Primex Plastics Ltd were awarded the Export Business of the Year award by the North East Chamber of Commerce. Out of all the applicants, Lloyds Bank felt Primex had best demonstrated the requirements for the award, and that Primex are able to stand out among the crowd on the international stage.

The North East is a particularly strong exporting area within the UK, so the achievement is even greater. Primex will now go onto represent the North East in the National Chamber Awards, and we hope to do the area proud.

Over the past few years, Primex has substantially grown its business in the EU and ROW markets, but Lloyds were impressed not just by the increased sales made in these areas, but also the strong relationships which have been built with customers and the service Primex is able to provide internationally.

Winning any of the awards on the night would have been fantastic, but we are particularly proud to receive the Export of the Year Award as recognition of the hard work Primex have put in to ensure a smooth transition following Brexit, and also dealing with the challenges presented by the market reaction to the Ukraine War.

We would not have been able to receive such a prestigious award without the ongoing collaboration from our customers, and we are very grateful to have made positive relationships with our customers, and hope to see them continue. As such, Primex would like to extend our thanks to all our customers, both in and out of the UK.

It was also a very fun night for the team, and a good excuse to put on some fancy clothes and enjoy some nice food.


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